Code of Conduct

Confidential Communications

All information I learn or disclose from my clients is confidential and will not be shared with anyone.  However, by law, I am required to report any abuse of a child or elderly/disabled adult.

Conflicts of Interest

A conflict of interest occurs when my private interests, which include any personal, financial, or professional interests, compete with my professional commitments to my clients. I am a distributor for Young Living and will receive a commission on sales.  Purchase of these products is not required or suggested.

Professional Skills and Knowledge

I keep current on new information and techniques that may increase my knowledge and skills.  Since rules, regulations, and laws change, I stay abreast of any new or modifications that may affect my service to my clients. 

Appropriate Behavior Toward Clients

I treat all my clients honestly and respectfully and act appropriately and professionally. 

Ethical Business Practices

I obey all rules, regulations, and laws and treat my clients respectfully. I am certified in all the currently offered modalities and carry professional liability insurance.

Professional Development

I keep up to date on any new information and techniques that may be used to assist my clients, and if needed, I pursue certification or license before offering the service to my clients.

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