“I had the honor of being guided into a past life by Monette. Her gentle spirit made it so easy to relax and her process on really marking the questions I had for my higher self was so detailed. I have never had a session like this before and it was truly life changing and a blessing.
Through this experience or journey you could call it. I truly found guidance and a my self love is through the roof! I now know what to do to support my growth and got answers for questions I have had for a very long time. I truly hope everyone gets the chance to work with Monette. She really is powerful and gifted! My heart and path will for ever be more clear from this moment on.”
– Amanda S.

“I highly recommend Monette for a Quantum Healing session. She gently guided me to a past life, probing deeply to discover the lessons it had for me in this current life. Monette is very intuitive and asked the questions that I hadn’t even thought of, but really needed to ask. The session provided me with clarity and insight, giving me guidance on things I can do to enhance my life and providing much needed peace of mind about my future.”
– Annette B.

“Monette is a gifted healer. I have had several sessions with her ranging from balancing frequencies to Reiki healing for both physical and emotional blocks and challenges I was experiencing. Each time Monette was sensitive about the concerns I expressed and insightful about exactly which practice would be most beneficial. After each session I felt a shift and a sense of well-being that I was able to carry with me. I highly recommend Monette to help anyone in need of creating balance within!”
– Joyce

“I was brand new to the whole Reiki experience. I had always heard about it but this was my first time ever. I felt very light and at peace after and have been in that feeling ever since I left the room, almost like a weight has been lifted off my head and chest. Monette is amazing. She genuinely cares about her clients and is very good at what she does. She also has a very calm and a reassuring presence. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get a reiki session/healing done.”
– S.G.

“Thanks Monette for the fantastic reading. What a relief that 2016 is going to be a wonderful year – 2015 was one of my hardest yet. Great validation that I am on the right path and that I am supported. Remembering to keep love and service in mind is good advice too. The present and past are very accurate. Thanks again…”
– JoAnn H.

“Monette is a gifted and intuitive Angel Card Reader. Her reading on my health concern gave me a lot of solace and practical steps to help myself get better. I wish Monette every success and blessing in her career. I recommend her unreservedly! Thank you, Monette, for a great reading…”
– Ambrosia G.

“I didn’t know I could feel such calm and ease until Monette placed her hands on me. With my everyday routine pretty down packed, I’ve lived stress free and without worry. I’ve heard of Reiki but saw no need for it until my session with Monette. Once she placed her hands on me, I felt a warm relaxed sensation. She immediately picked up on my blockage and told me what I needed to do. Then in early September, I was hit from behind by and uninsured alcohol impaired driver. Thank goodness for a sturdy vehicle I was not badly injured but very sore. I called upon Monette’s services again. She mentioned that she can do Reiki by distance and without question I went for it. She told me the time to expect it and keeping true to her words, I felt the healing wave as I did before. I don’t know how it works but I know it works. At peace is the best way I can describe the feeling that resonated with me for a long time after our first and second meetings. Thanks Monette, what you do makes life a bit easier to live.”
– K. L.

“I was experiencing muscle tightness and overall malaise as a result of work and life stresses. When Monette placed her hands on me, the healing effect was direct, immediate, and striking. I have never experienced anything like it. I felt a healing energy that improved my whole being and that lasted for quite some time. Monette is a truly gifted Reiki healer. We are all fortunate that she has recognized and developed her gift and that she is sharing it with us.”
– Ingrid

“I went to Monette recently for a Reiki treatment without any particular expectation except to relax and enjoy myself. Being Reiki I certified myself, I figured that my personal treatments were working for me just fine. But, there is something to be said for allowing another person to do a hands-on healing for you – to give that practitioner permission to feel around your vibrational body and place loving Reiki energy where it needs to be. As soon as Monette began my treatment, I clearly felt my heart chakra activate with vibration. Soon after that, there was a warm flowing sensation that gently passed over my body. I knew in this instance that I was experiencing a wonderful healing session. The next few days following Monette’s treatment, I noticed a lightness in my body and mind. Situations that were bothering me seemed to dissolve and all I was left with was a great sense of love and peace. Thank you Monette, you are a beautiful practitioner of Reiki energy healing.”
– Jacci

“I wanted to try Reiki for extreme emotional pain I was experiencing from a very recent break-up. I didn’t know what to expect, but went to my appointment with an open mind and horrible emotional pain. As soon as Monette began my session, I felt rushing and warmness from head to toe. I felt safe which allowed me to relax into the treatment and just let it happen. Monette is calm, gentle and loving. I got a sense that she truly respects Reiki, energy and one’s personal energy. I’ve completed three sessions now and feel calm, confident, centered and relaxed. I absolutely attribute this to Monette. I know that emotional pain takes time to work through and I’ll definitely be seeing Monette to help me completely heal. She is a Godsend.”
– Jeanne

“Having known Monette for several years, I trusted her skill when I scheduled an appointment for energetic healing. During the session, my body was relaxed and receptive, providing me a greater opportunity to sense the changes that incurred. Monette has an intuitive awareness with a gentle, yet powerful healing touch. I was very satisfied with my session.”
– Cassandra Curley

“I did a session of EFT with Monette Mudie and was deeply impressed. What impressed me the most was that having heard only a couple of details from the challenge I was facing, she was able within seconds to put the core essence of this challenge into the message, we used during the EFT session. I immediately gained deeper insights into the emotional patterns lying behind this challenge, that is driving me unconsciously. Being more aware of that is helping me a lot being more aware the next time I will experience similar situations. Overall very helpful and I felt very good after this session, thank you!”
– Nicola N.

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