Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energy flows through our bodies via channels called meridians. When the energy flows smoothly, we feel a sense of wellness. However, when there is an interruption or blockage in the flow of the energy we usually don’t feel very well. These interruptions or blockages tend to be caused by fear, stress, unhealed emotions or negative thoughts. One may experience symptoms such as headaches/migraine, pain, anxiety and fatigue.

Emotional Freedom Techniques, frequently referred to as just EFT or Tapping, balances the body, by clearing those blockages. EFT uses the same points or meridian points like Acupuncture to stimulate certain body systems. These points are tapped lightly with your fingertips in order to stimulate the system in the body and cause the energy flow; it is often referred to as Acupuncture without needles. EFT has been successful in helping with weight loss, trauma, pain, phobias, releasing fear, addictions, anxiety, allergies, illness, depression, increasing performance and personal success (school and sports, etc.).
EFT Tapping points

What to expect during a session

Monette offers EFT sessions in-person or via distance over Zoom. The session last about 60 minutes. Monette then taps through the points along with you, while you focus on the specific issue you would like to heal. Usually, there maybe other layers to the main problem and as you tap on the one issue, other issues surface. Monette uses her intuition to help you to identify these issues; usually the process is like peeling off each layer of an onion to get to the core, which is the root cause of the issue. After a round or more of tapping, you may begin to feel relaxed, feel bored, yawn, sigh, laugh, burp or cannot remember what you were working on, these are just really signs that the tapping is working and you are healing.

What to expect after a session

After the session, you may feel a sense of relief, or there may have been additional layers identified that cannot be worked in the same session, you may schedule another session, or you can essentially continue tapping on the points at home. I will provide you with instructions on doing so.

I did a session of EFT with Monette Mudie and was deeply impressed. What impressed me the most was that having heard only a couple of details from the challenge I was facing, she was able within seconds to put the core essence of this challenge into the message, we used during the EFT session. I immediately gained deeper insights into the emotional patterns lying behind this challenge, that is driving me unconsciously. Being more aware of that is helping me a lot being more aware the next time I will experience similar situations. Overall very helpful and I felt very good after this session, thank you!

–¬†Nicola N., Germany

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